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Caterpillar issues report on sustainable development in Chin

Creation:HOORAY Source:Hooray Machinery Release Time:2016-11-11 17:13

Abstract:On October 27, 2016, Beijing, China - caterpillar inc. recently released the theme of innovation, cooperation, and accelerate the development of the caterpillar sustainable development in China in 2015 report. To be the first report to refer to the social
On October 27, 2016, Beijing, China - caterpillar inc. recently released the theme of "innovation, cooperation, and accelerate the development of" the caterpillar sustainable development in China in 2015 report. To be the first report to refer to the "social responsibility guidelines" GB/T 36000-2015, the social responsibility report writing guide to GB/T 36001-2015 and the social responsibility performance classification guidelines "three national standard GB/T 36002-2015, caterpillar is the third year in a row for the Chinese market practice exploration and the best results for the sustainable development of publishing, highlights the caterpillar through innovation, cooperation, and speed up development, to meet changing economic demand at the same time, continue to sustainable progress in order to" build China "beauty.

Caterpillar's global vice President, caterpillar (China) investment co., LTD., chairman of Mr Chen said: "we understand the sustainable development is vital to the continuous progress of China. With China's improving the quality of economic growth and further optimize the industrial structure, caterpillar is through innovation and cooperation in a more sustainable way of operating, accelerate the development of products, services and solutions, and strive to push our corporate social responsibility practice, make great contribution to China's economic, environmental, and social progress."

Qingdao port, the caterpillar loader is driving the efficiency of port logistics

The caterpillar sustainable development in China in 2015 report of the reference architecture proposed by three countries in the standard organization governance, the environment, consumers, community participation and development, and the value chain fair seven, labor practices and human rights issues in practice, to ISO 26000 as the basis of basic social responsibility guidelines, for caterpillar, summarizes related achievements in China's sustainable development, is to help caterpillar group of stakeholders and the public in China to deepen understanding on the development of the company in China. Report emphasized the caterpillar by pouring innovation in design, development, production and application at all stages of efforts to achieve sustainable development. In addition, it also introduces the caterpillar industry partners hand in hand together force to support the continued practice of sustainable development, win-win and caterpillar employees to participate in the volunteer service to promote community improvement efforts and dedication.

The report part of the case and the results are as follows:

Using innovation to break the regional restrictions

Caterpillar China r&d center of materials science and technology group initiated and established a global laboratory report system, it can be collected from more than 60 laboratory component attribute data, in order to improve the efficiency of product development, design for the future to provide more precise parts quality information.

The construction of "wisdom factory"

In 2015, caterpillar xuzhou factory were implemented and completed the 27 "wisdom factory" project, improve the energy efficiency, eliminate the risk of quality, improve the safety and health of employees to work and save the operating costs, save 115000 cubic meters of natural gas, reduce the emissions of 4300 metric tons of co2 equivalent. Energy saving project economic income more than the total revenue of 600 RMB ten thousand ($923077).

To reduce energy consumption

In 2015, caterpillar, wuxi factory more than in all of the workshop to implement energy-saving projects, a total energy consumption decreased by 38.6%, reducing emissions of co2 equivalent of 7055 tons, cost savings of more than 10 million yuan ($1.68 million).

To reduce emissions

Caterpillar suzhou factory in 2015 to focus on reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds, won the recognition of suzhou industrial park, environmental protection bureau, 85.76% removal rate of volatile organic compounds, and ultimately greatly reduced the factory the total emission of volatile organic compounds.


Caterpillar with suppliers to avoid injury, occupational diseases and accidents, actively implement policies and measures, ensure every worker health and safety. Caterpillar suzhou factory through seminar for security, for the safety of the suppliers on behalf of the safety production and management theory training, caterpillar production system and six sigma quality management system experts share the safety management system approach, and with suppliers on security assessment tools and methods are discussed, to exchange advice.

Pay attention to the occupational health

Caterpillar wuxi factory of the welding and grinding the workspace after modification, the air particles density decreased by 270%. Employee demand for personal respiratory protective equipment was reduced by 30%, saving cost 65000 yuan ($10000), the quality problem caused by dust density decreased by 5%.

To build a better life

In 2015, caterpillar foundation support China women's development foundation for the construction of small farmers in mountain area of chongqing centralized water supply project, for the local 886 households (including 3600), and they have raised more than 1100 livestock with drinking water, at the same time to provide 700 mu of farmland irrigation. In 2015, caterpillar foundation also supports the "mother's water cellar, the campus safe drinking water" project, help to solve the rural water between teachers and students is not enough, health and safety problems.

Advocate the volunteer service

FIRST challenge of science and technology (hereinafter referred to as "FTC") is by the world famous non-profit organization of science and technology FIRST launched an international public welfare robot technology challenge, mainly for middle school students in 14 to 18 years old. Caterpillar and caterpillar foundation since 2012 in China to support the FTC, has paid for lack of money and technology to compare 30 FTC teams, directed more than 300 secondary school students, many of which are in a relative shortage of education resources in remote areas of the students.

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