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Excavator operation 10 points and matters needing attention

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Abstract:For many excavator machinist, general work of excavation was not difficult, but encountered many complex conditions such as lifting, crushing, stone, brush and other projects, often to attack, the small make up according to the real construction machinery
For many excavator machinist, general work of excavation was not difficult, but encountered many complex conditions such as lifting, crushing, stone, brush and other projects, often to attack, the small make up according to the real construction machinery network, many have rich experience in the interactive BBS excavator machinist summed up the main points of using, hope to help novice:

1, the lifting job

Make sure that the lifting hydraulic excavator for lifting operation into the surrounding conditions, use the hook on the high strength and steel wire rope, lifting will try to use the special lifting device; Practices should choose the operation mode, the movement wants slow balance; The wire length, appropriate for too long can make larger "swinging and difficult to precise control; To properly adjust bucket position, in order to prevent the steel cord slippage; Construction personnel don't get close to lifting, as far as possible to prevent improper operation risk.

2, walk homework

Walking right walking excavator operation, should be put as far as possible working device and near the center of the body, to maintain stability; Put the final drive back to protect the final drive.

As far as possible to avoid past obstacles such as tree stumps and rocks, prevent track distortion; If must be passed through obstacles, should ensure that caterpillar center on the obstacles. A mound, the device will always work with support chassis, in order to prevent the car body shaking even turn. Should avoid long time stop idle engine running on a steep slope, otherwise the solid Angle of the oil level change and lead to bad lubrication. Machine long walk, can make the roller and the final drive internal rotary head time produce high temperature, oil viscosity and poor lubrication, so the often should stop cooling, prolonging the life of the lower part of the body. Forbidden to walk on the driving force of digging operations, or excessive load will lead to final drive, such as car parts early wear or damage. Walk uphill, drive wheel in the back, in order to increase touchdown crawler adhesion.

Walk downhill, driving wheel before, and make the upper track tension, in order to prevent the parking car body under the action of gravity when the forward slip and cause danger.

When walking on slopes, working device should be placed in the front to ensure safety, parking, insert the bucket gently into the ground, and stop on the tracks down.

Walk on a steep slope, when turning speed should be slow down, turn left turn left back track, turn right turn the right track, back when the kiss can reduce the risk of turning on slope of 3, excavator use points: operation technology first to confirm the situation around. Turning operations, on the surrounding obstacles, terrain Jiu to know fairly well, safe operation; Direction before and after the operations, want to make sure the crawler, avoid tilting or impact; Don't put the final drive in the face of mining direction as far as possible, otherwise easy to damage - motor or hose; About operations, to ensure that the crawler fully contact with the ground, and improve the dynamic stability of the machine.

4, crushing homework

Correct broken homework hammer head vertical in the first place on the object to be broken. Start crushing operations, carry forward body about Scm, broken, broken head always pressure on will be broken, not broken after have been broken should immediately stop crushing operation.

Due to vibration can make the hammer broken gradually change direction, so should adjust bucket cylinder, the hammer head direction perpendicular to the fracture surface. When the hammer head can't into the broken, should change the broken position; Where the last broken don't more than a minute, hammer head can damage not only otherwise, and the oil temperature rise anomaly; For hard object, should be started gradually broken edges. It is strictly prohibited to turn while crushing, hammer head inserted into the reverse, horizontal or use up after hydraulic hammer and hydraulic hammer as a chisel. For the excavator maintenance regularly, is the purpose of reducing machine fault, prolong the service life of machine; Reduce machine down time; Improve the work efficiency, reduce the operation cost. As long as good management, fuel oil, lubricating oil, water and air can reduce 70% of the failures. In fact, about 70% of the failures are caused by poor management.

5, in the soft spot

Excavator point: the use of soft ground or water in soft soil zone assignments, should know the soil compaction degree, and pay attention to the mining range limit bucket, prevent slippery and point, accidents such as landslide, and car body subsidence is deeper.

When in the water, should pay attention to body to allow water depth range (surface) of the following should be in the center of the supporting sprocket; If the level is higher, slewing bearing internal will lead to bad lubrication, because of the water into the engine fan blade hit lead to wreck by water, electric circuit components due to water intrusion of short circuit or open circuit.

6, regarding the homework

Mining rock using the bucket digging rock will cause greater damage to the machine, should try to avoid; Must digging, adjustment should be according to the direction of the crack of the rock body position, make the bucket can shovel into the smoothly, excavation; Inserted the bucket teeth in the rock cracks, use the bucket rod and the bucket digging force for mining (should be aware of the bucket tooth slippage); Has not been cataclastic rock and should be broken first, then use the bucket digging.

7, the loading operation

Loading operation level of the body should be in a stable position, or uninstall difficult to accurately control rotation, so as to prolong the cycle time of operation; The body with the truck to keep a proper distance, prevent the body while Jiu 180 degrees of rotation tail into the truck; Left turning mount, as far as possible do this vision, high working efficiency, to correctly master the rotation Angle at the same time, to reduce the time for turning; Lin is lower than the excavator truck position, in order to shorten the movable arm raise time, good sight; Sand, gravel, and then placed the boulders, so can reduce the impact of trunk.

8, keeping a surplus

It is worth noting that the operation of the hydraulic cylinder internal petrels buffer device, can gradually release the back pressure in the end of the close to travel; If after the end of the trip in attained under impact load, the piston will directly touching the cylinder head or cylinder bottom, easy to cause accidents, so should try to stay more than gap at the terminal of stroke.

By rotary movement of earthmoving operations will cause the work device of the bucket and the abnormal stress, distort or welding crack, even broken pin shaft, should try to avoid this kind of operation. The use of the body weight for mining can cause the rotary bearing abnormal stress state, and a strong vibration and impact on the chassis, so the application of the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic line produce larger damage. While handling the heavier materials such as rocks, should be near the bottom of the truck unloading, or loading the soil first, and then loaded rock, high unloading is forbidden, to reduce the impact damage of the truck. Caterpillar deeper into the mud, under your bucket a plank, using the bucket from the bottom of the track, then under the crawler mat board, out of the machine.

9, slope surface smooth operation

Slope surface smooth operation for planar shaping machine should be flat on the ground, to prevent the body shaking, to grasp the movable arm and arm movement coordination, control the speed is vital for plane dressing.

10 and the stability of the excavator

Smooth operation method, the stability of the machine can not only improve the work efficiency, prolong the life of the machine, and can ensure safe operation (put the machine in a flat on the ground); Drive chain wheel in the back than in the anterior stability is good, and can prevent the final drive by outside force impact; Treads on the ground of the wheelbase is always greater than the wheel track, so the former working stability is good, try to avoid lateral operation; To stay at close to the machine, in order to improve the stability and the excavator; If at the far away from the machine, cause solid center of gravity forward, homework is unstable; Than positive lateral mining excavation stability is poor, if site away from the body center, the machine will be more unstable, so the site and the body center should keep an appropriate distance, in order to make balance, efficient operation.

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