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Mining engineering machinery development trend in the future

Creation:Hooray Source:Hooray Machinery Release Time:2016-12-07 20:05

Abstract:of time, the reporter has to Inner Mongolia, qinghai and other places of the mine site, integrated a number of users, found that users demand for mining products has a very distinctive features. large-scale Mine construction is very exquisite limitation,
of time, the reporter has to Inner Mongolia, qinghai and other places of the mine site, integrated a number of users, found that users demand for mining products has a very distinctive features.


Mine construction is very exquisite limitation, create more economic benefits in a short time is focus on quality. Do product big is to improve the work efficiency is the most direct and most effective method. Mine construction site basic original landform can be according to the demand, so there is no objective factors can limit the product becoming larger.

In the interior of the mine construction, dump truck is one of the largest product usage. Since last year, a number of Chinese enterprises to enter the mine wide-body dump truck field, since the traditional dump truck with the vast majority of the market share of an instant chicken ribs products, wide-bodied dump truck has been a main development direction of mine transport more clear. "Very likely in a few years later, the rated load under 30 tons dump truck will not be allowed to enter the mine construction site." Of jungar banner of Inner Mongolia gold mechanical engineering co., LTD., chairman of Yu Guojin said.

Let him have this regrets is that he purchases from yutong heavy industry this year 17 mining wide-body dump truck, replace the original traditional dump truck more than 20 Taiwan. These new equipment to make his work ability is almost doubled.

And supporting the use of excavator is also one of the main improved models. Wide-body dump truck full of 32 tons of minerals, need 33 tons of excavator 15 times. Mining area for equipment number is not sad, so in many mines, reporters are able to see, when excavator to dump truck loading soil, side often have one or two dump truck in the queue. This makes the ability of these vehicles have not been fully play, caused the waste of resources. Then, excavator tonnage and bucket bucket volume increase become mine excavator one of the most clear development direction.

Improve security

A striking feature of mining construction risk is very big, even on a flat surface road of all kinds of engineering machinery products. How to ensure the safety of the mine construction personnel, is one of the important direction of engineering machinery product research and development.

At present, in the larger mines, small vehicle must be in the tail with a raised high the red flag. Investigate its reason, is to prevent crushed by big mining equipments. It is understood that some blind spots large mining equipments can reach 30 meters, small vehicle drivers must somehow be careful, especially in the pass, don't be too close and other large vehicles, otherwise easily lead to a tragedy.

According to one industry source, the large-scale mining equipments to the feeling of when a small car when walking with people almost stepped on a similar feeling of scree. Drivers are difficult to distinguish whether the pressure to other vehicles. Improve the heavy machinery cab, and thus reduce the blind area scope, or increase has been used in the field of car distance measuring equipment, will help improve the overall security of the mine construction.

Even the conditions of open-pit coal mine stripping operation, easy to cause the collapse accident, of the material, the strength of the engineering machinery products put forward higher request, in the event of dangerous accidents, to protect the driver's personal safety. Also should be considered in the machine equipped with escape function, such as only within the vehicle equipped with a small hammer, similar to the bus break open the glass when necessary. In addition, we should improve the impermeability of mining engineering machinery products and escape performance, can protect the driver at the time of the last resort will not be hurt, and can in time of danger.

Enhanced reliability

Products of China's construction machinery products and advanced foreign enterprises there is still a large gap. For mine equipment this highly dependent on the performance of the construction environment, the reliability of the products is the important aspect of mining head of focus on.

Because of this, in the field of mine, even the construction difficulty is relatively small t stripping work, rarely meet local brand excavator product. Reliability of local brand excavators still need to improve, to gradually regain lost market.

Mining in the field of engineering machinery products are generally in the high strength work environment, a large number of product USES the substitution non-stop operation way, just for the product maintenance time, more than 20 hours a day are switched on, this is the litmus test of the performance of the product. Had a user reflect, some manufacturer to his commitment is the product can be used for six years, he said, actually in the mine, many products used three years have been very rare, with six years is almost afraid to think of things. They to the requirement of product is reliable, the product can in the shortest possible time to maximum effect.

Pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection

Mining is energy-intensive industries, is also the industry of high returns. Because of this, the traditional mining engineering machinery products only focus on product performance, ignored the energy consumption of the product. Until recent years, the country began to focus on energy saving, environmental protection, the consumption problem, mine engineering machinery products of environmental protection and energy saving technology is more and more popular with users.

Existing mining engineering machinery is a large amount of fuel consumption, Yu Guojin team has 5 tonnage between 30 ~ 40 tons of excavators, 17 sets of traditional 10 sets mining wide-body dump truck, dump truck, these machines consume eight tons of oil every day. His tanker, on average, about two days to go to a gasoline station with a pot of oil.

Although compared with operating costs, the energy consumption value, but after all, a greater danger of mine construction, construction personnel are hard-earned money earn. According to some enterprises reflect the sales personnel, users when buying products for fuel consumption problem of the products is also very concerned about.

In recent years, engineering machinery enterprises have realized the wide prospect of market of energy saving products, improve the product design and production technology, the cost of new environmental protection and energy saving equipment with the industry scale and technology progress rapidly reduced. Based on this, a large amount of energy conservation and environmental protection products sales will become the mainstream trend.

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