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Abstract:In the field of machinery manufacture, Germany is the worlds leading powers, its products such as high precision, good quality and efficacy advantage enjoys high reputation in the world market. German machinery manufacturing industry has nearly 6000 compa
In the field of machinery manufacture, Germany is the world's leading powers, its products such as high precision, good quality and efficacy advantage enjoys high reputation in the world market. German machinery manufacturing industry has nearly 6000 companies, about 1 million employees. Industry sales of 205 billion euros in 2008, an increase of 7.9%, exports 75%, is the world's largest exporter of machinery and equipment. The outstanding characteristic of industry is in the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, according to statistics, 88% of the enterprise number fewer than 250 employees, more than 1000 employees of large companies accounted for only 2%. Despite its small size, but companies are strong, pay attention to innovation, therefore is an international leader in many industry branches.

A, engineering machinery

Germany is the world's third largest construction machinery manufacturer, after the United States and Japan. Over the past six years, industry sales doubling (+ 113%), nearly 300 companies. Industry average export rate of 77%, some products such as cement equipment and even reached 90%. In 2008, the financial crisis, slowing down of development. Annual sales of 16.4 billion euros, an increase of 7%. Construction machinery for euro 11.1 billion, the basic flat with the previous year, building materials processing machinery, porcelain and glass production equipment, a total of 5.3 billion euros, growth significantly. German engineering machinery product variety, high degree of market segmentation, with all kinds of excavators, loaders, cranes, hoist, mixer, roller and engineering technologies and system solutions, competent for all kinds of natural and geographical conditions of construction and road engineering; And of course with sand, stone, cement and other building materials processing machinery and equipment, covers all aspects of the construction engineering, so to speak. German companies in product design and production process pay attention to communication with the user, in detail, to ensure the pertinence of the product and customer satisfaction. At the same time of constantly improve the performance, security, environmental protection, and humanization design is also the focus of the improvement of products, such as Germany is developing a new type of hybrid excavator, can reduce energy consumption by 40%, greatly reduce the noise at the same time, greatly reduce the pollution to the environment. There are many enterprises for fuel filter on machines equipped with high precision, thus improve the service life, mechanical maintenance cycle will extend to 5000 hours, save the maintenance cost and good for environmental protection. Humanized design is the development trend of engineering machinery, today is also a German corporate goal, such as random to let the driving seat and work station 360 degrees, make the driver's field of vision is more intuitive, and improve use safety.
German international engineering machinery, building materials, engineering vehicles and equipment exhibition (bauma) is the world's largest construction international exhibition, but also an important display of the latest achievements in engineering mechanics. Held every three years in Munich for a period of seven days. The last (2007) of more than 3000 exhibitors, the exhibition is about 500000 visitors. The next event will be held in April.

2, agricultural machinery

Germany is the world's biggest exporter of agricultural machinery and Western Europe's largest producer of agricultural machinery and the second-largest consumer. German agricultural machinery manufacturing industry output value accounts for about 10% of the world's total output, accounts for about a quarter in the western European countries, the product exports amounted to 74%. Industry export eur 4 billion for the first time in 2007, mainly export object is, Russia, Britain, the United States and other countries. Employs more than 33000 people, but only more than 200 staff of more than 20 enterprises. In 2008, the farm machinery sales of 7.5 billion euros, growth of 24%. German farm machinery products is given priority to with power equipment (tractor), agricultural machinery industry output value accounted for nearly half (47%), 8 years sales of 3.54 billion euros. Three big tractor production base (mannheim, mark and theo Mr Madoff egan) produced tractor 65500 units last year, 83% export, destination is major eu countries, a few are exported to America and eastern Europe. In recent years, with the improvement of agricultural mechanization degree and the enlargement of farm scale, power tractor has gradually become the mainstream. Germany in the production of tractors, more than 150 horsepower accounted for 37%. In addition to the tractor of other agricultural machinery sales of 3.96 billion euros, growth of about 30%. Combine harvester for euro 1.18 billion, growth of 52%, 85% exports. Agricultural machinery to continue development in the direction of the compound assignment and joint operations, such as digging, fertilization, planting a one-time machine is more and more welcomed by the market.
In 2008, Germany's agricultural machinery market has also made rapid development, the market size of 4.53 billion euros, 23% increase. Imports of 2.65 billion euros. The German market, sales of tractors for 31300, the average power 140 horsepower. Plough, mineral machinery, combine harvester thresher and market demand.
Held every two years in Hanover international agricultural machinery exhibition (Agritechnica) has become one of the most international influence agricultural technology exhibition. The exhibition sponsored by the German agricultural association (DLG), the association also responsible for inspection of the quality of agricultural machinery in Germany, for the product checks on the security and performance.

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