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How much do you know caterpillar 326 dl hydraulic excavator

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Abstract:Today, to introduce a crush equipment - 326 - d L hydraulic excavator, it is a medium-sized excavators, generally can meet the demand of most users tonnage of excavator.Of course, its engine, hydraulic equipment, cab design and structure, and so on all ha
Today, to introduce a crush equipment - 326 - d L hydraulic excavator, it is a medium-sized excavators, generally can meet the demand of most users tonnage of excavator.Of course, its engine, hydraulic equipment, cab design and structure, and so on all have its own unique advantages.

The remarkable engine

Cat C7 engine for 326 d L provides the leading power and fuel efficiency, and can keep stable in various application fields of high performance.And provide a higher power, make the running speed, lower fuel efficiency and reduce wear.Engine speed can be controlled automatically.Secondary single touching control can maximize fuel efficiency, reduce the noise level.

Flexible fuel option.Fuel-efficient models: fuel-efficient model provided as standard, the most suitable for lightweight applications, can provide the best fuel economy, at the same time keep digging force and enhance ability at the levels of standard power mode;Power management: power management so that the machine can play the best performance in all kinds of application;On the monitor (protected by a password) operator engine power from the standard level changes for high level;In the application of high productivity requirements are extremely hard and mining environment, it is recommended to use high power mode.

CAT326 excavator

Air filter.Radial sealed in a compartment behind the air filter is located in the cab, adopted double filter, filtering efficiency is higher.When the dust exceeds the preset level, the monitor will display a warning message.

Efficient hydraulic equipment, to ensure to achieve precise operation

326 d L hydraulic excavator hydraulic system pressure is 35000 kPa, both the flow of hydraulic pump for 235 L/min, improves the mining performance and productivity.Leading independent of each main pump, pump can be controlled before connecting rod, rotating and driving operations.

Component layout.326 d L, the location of the hydraulic system and components design is reasonable, can provide a high level of system efficiency.Main pump, control valve and the hydraulic oil tank near each other, to make the connection between the components of pipeline shorter, thereby reducing the friction loss and pressure drop.

The hydraulic interaction system.In any working conditions, hydraulic interaction system can use one of two hydraulic pump for the engine to provide abundant power.As the machine speed is accelerated, the pivot spin faster and more powerful, it also increased productivity.

Auxiliary hydraulic valve.Control circuit provided as attachments, enhances the versatility.Can be used in the operation of the hydraulic shear, grab, hydraulic hammer, grinder, multi-purpose high pressure machines in processor and vibrating plate ram, etc.

Movable arm and arm regeneration loop.Movable arm and arm regeneration loop can be movable arm and bucket rod back operation in the process of saving energy, improving efficiency, shorten the cycle time and reduce the pressure loss, in order to obtain higher productivity, lower operating costs and better fuel efficiency.

The hydraulic oil cylinder buffer.Bumper is movable arm cylinder rod end and bucket rod ends of the cylinder and can absorb shock, reduce noise and prolong the service life of parts.

Spacious and comfortable cab, easy to operate

326 d L is designed to provide comfortable, simple and efficient operation, the operator can focus on the production.Work station adopts the man-machine engineering design, spacious, quiet and comfortable, can ensure that the operator work in all day long in maintaining high productivity.All switches are located on the right side of the console, easy to use.

Air filter chamber.Air filter with double filter structure, make the filtering effect is better.When the air filter clogging, driving the indoor monitor screen will display a warning message.

The pump room.Through the access door on the right side of the upper structure, but on the ground maintenance oil pump and the guide filter device.

The radiator.Through the left side of the access door can easily repair the engine radiator and air cooler, oil cooler.Storage tank and discharge cock mounted on the radiator, so as to simplify the maintenance work.

Vacuum membrane cartridge filter.Hydraulic oil return filter is a kind of vacuum membrane cartridge filter, located in the hydraulic tank outside.This filter can prevent pollutants in replacing the hydraulic oil into the system, and maintain clean operating environment.

Lubrication points.Movable arm on the concentration distribution of the remote will be transferred to the grease lubrication is hard to reach the front of the position.

Fan cover.Engine radiator fan is completely closed in the thin wire inside, can reduce the accident risk.

Checkered plate.At the top of the locker and the upper structure covered with checkered plate, can avoid in the process of maintenance personnel in the maintenance of slip and fall.

All in all, this product not only meet the diverse needs of you on the job, also made it perfect on comfort, can let you enjoy, and work.

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