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Volvo EC210BLC users report

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Abstract:Real engineering machinery member is input is a have two Volvo EC210BLC excavators of individual users, the use of the following report is two of his equipment is in use for nearly 6000 hours after concluded, hope that the broad masses of excavator excava
Real engineering machinery member "is input" is a have two Volvo EC210BLC excavators of individual users, the use of the following report is two of his equipment is in use for nearly 6000 hours after concluded, hope that the broad masses of excavator excavator users users especially interested in buying this type of reference.

My two Volvo EC210BLC excavator, the first to buy 1 in April 2007, the second purchase in July 2007, because the same two excavators in work at the same time, to buy time interval of 3 months, so their usage of accidental factors reduced greatly, has certain representative significance.

Our member "is input" two Volvo EC210BLC excavator to ferry on the trailer
Our member "is input" two Volvo EC210BLC excavator

Problems occurred in using has the following several aspects:

A, water pump problems

1 the excavator

To work 200 hours at the construction site, found that water tank water, check the result is the pump problem; 1100 hours can't work normally, the company will change a new water pump, used to three months, to 1900 hours at work again, but because still under warranty, expense is responsible by Volvo, excavator work now no. 1 to 5300 hours, the water pump is broken again, so we have to pay for the one.

2 the excavator

To the 300 hours at work, at the construction site because of failure, in the new pump, 1600 hours of time was bad, this two times during the warranty period, so the costs are borne by Volvo, to 3100 hours when the water pump failure will not work again, oneself bought fresh at Volvo agents, to now working 6100 hours this there has been no problem.

Therefore, I think Volvo excavators pump about 3000 small, the service life of the general hour this time is too short for the user.

Second, the piston seal problem

1 excavator at the time of 1200 hours, lower oil cylinder started to leak, because during the warranty period, free agent to replace lower oil cylinder oil seal, the big arm began to leak in 4600 hours, to 5100 hours for the right cylinder oil leak is serious, the whole oil cylinder change, lower cylinder for 5200 hours and make the spill, began to leak bucket cylinder in 5000 hours, there is no change, but will soon be changed, now time table at about 5500 hours.

2 excavator in 4500 hours before everything is normal, all the oil, the start of the 5000 hours big arm in 5500 hours due to severe, will seal all substituted; Lower oil cylinder and the bucket cylinder in 6000 hours, due to the serious, also replaced, all time now on the table in 6200 hours, I think the general life of the piston seal of VOLVO, in about 5000 hours.

Three, hydraulic system problems

Excavators in 800 hours, 1 distributor on the small tubing leakage is serious, changed a new agent within the warranty; In more than 2000 hours of the hydraulic system leak; 3800 hours, the lower oil cylinder into a blowout; 4200 hours of time, the main into the blowout of the rotating motor; 4600 hours, large pump rooted into the tubing serious leak, own money in the new.

2 excavator, is also from after 2000 hours, more than a dozen oil hydraulic system; 3600 hours of time, the big arm into the blowout; 3800 hours, the lower oil cylinder into the blowout, forced himself to spend money to buy the new tubing.

Four, the other parts

1 excavator until now there is a roller in the oil.

No. 2 machine at the time of 6000 hours, when no movement, in an electronic valve, a 1500 yuan.

Conclusion: two excavators are used for more than 6000 hours, in addition to the above problems, basic no other big problem, but accessories price is too high, far more expensive than doosan, modern brands, around the user feel do not understand, two sets of equipment of speed, strength, operating sensitivity, there were no significant differences.

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