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JCB 22 tons level JS220 excavator is static

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Abstract:For many Chinese excavator users, British brand JCB (JCB) began to come into view is close to a year or two, in fact, two head busy excavating loader (scientific name) of the JCB, excavator products in European and American markets is also favored by user
For many Chinese excavator users, British brand JCB (JCB) began to come into view is close to a year or two, in fact, two head busy excavating loader (scientific name) of the JCB, excavator products in European and American markets is also favored by users.

To the Chinese market in 2008, JCB began after introducing its 22 t excavator product JS220, has introduced to China 13 t, 20 t t t, 24, 29, 36 t all series excavator product such as, today small make up take you to understand, JCB to expand the Chinese market is a main product: JS220 excavator

JCB JS220 excavator

JCB JS220 excavator basic parameters are shown in table below:

Specifications for the unit
Maximum weight 22550 kg
Total power 128/172 kw/horsepower engine
Standard bucket volume 1 cubic meter
The movable arm/arm length 5.7/3 m
Maximum force arm mining 104000 cattle
Biggest scoop drivers force 158000 cattle
Track width of 600 mm
The excavator has the following seven characteristics:

1, the machine imported from British, reliable in performance.

2, maturity models, under various conditions, is used in many countries around the world for many years of experience.

3, the Japanese original isuzu engine, powerful, high reliability, economical and convenient maintenance.

4, can be a torque type central open, load sensitive hydraulic system by manipulating the handle and the load of the machine control flow and pressure. Hydraulic oil regeneration system increase operation speed, reduce the fuel consumption.

5, the whole machine structure USES the optimization design and finite element stress analysis, to ensure that the structure durability. Increases box-type structure under the frame of the whole strength and stiffness, increasing the service life.

6, four work modes - automatic (A), fuel (E), precision (P), crane (L) - meet the requirements under various working conditions.

7, safety, excellent operating environment, the omni-directional vision to ensure that the direction of 360 ° all kinds of job requirements. Maintenance is convenient, all parts are within reach.

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Understand the characteristics of the JCB JS220 crawler excavator overall, let us learn more about its internal structure and advantages:

The engine

JCB JS220 excavator engine

New isuzu 4 hk 1 x turbocharged diesel engine is a high power, low fuel consumption, low noise of a new generation of green environmental protection engine, meet European standards. This can not only save money for the user, but also can reduce pollution of the environment, I think after the engine will be green environmental protection of the world.

The hydraulic system

JCB JS220 excavator hydraulic system

High quality and reliable hydraulic components, with high standards of the hydraulic oil filtration system, to ensure that the hydraulic oil and hydraulic components of long service life. Unique by-pass fine filtration system is 1.5 micron filtration precision.

Diagnostic system

JCB JS220 excavator diagnosis system

New JCB senior management system (AMS) is not only to ensure that the use of minimum cost and maximum production efficiency, also can provide powerful maintenance, fault diagnosis, information service and maintenance. When excavator use wrong after we don't have to go to which repair and nerve-racking.

Operating comfort

JCB JS220 excavator cab

Spacious space, comfortable, can mediate the omni-directional, high chair, the suspension seat automatic vehicle space, convenient servo operation handle, with vibration of high strength steel structure, low noise, low vibration. Inside is very comfortable to operation, work efficiency can improve a lot.

JCB JS220 excavator cab

Bridge wide vision, redundant configuration mode switch and lead accumulator, greatly improve the safety performance of the machine operation.


JCB JS220 excavator structure

Movable arm and bucket rod upper plate and bottom plate is made of the steel plate forming, no additional welded joints, reducing stress points, greatly improve the durability; Derrick base and the movable arm rod joint lubricating for 1000 hours and reduced the time and cost of service.

Other advantages

Automatic refueling fuel injection system can be convenient and quick.

Unique design of the night getting on or off lights can make driver safety on/under the machine.

The standard hydraulic pipe mounting bracket.

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