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Loader so open My family don't have to worry about tipping

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Abstract:Forklift drivers, dont dive! Quick come out front! Today we are going to explore the safety problem of loader! 1. The brake faults Believe that homework when they encountered many JiaYou open loader brake, brake failure, high temperature components ageing
Forklift drivers, don't dive! Quick come out front! Today we are going to explore the safety problem of loader!

1. The brake faults

Believe that homework when they encountered many JiaYou open loader brake, brake failure, high temperature components ageing, excessive wear, lead to brake oil leakage and so on, I was that, in the new time caused by a lack of experience, when after a day's work, the boss call for to drive back to stationed camp, due to the long way, and how much down, in a corner, when the brakes are at a crucial moment card shell, instinct and then stepped on a few or no more, heart a ripping up the right direction, bump in the road, on the wall of off of the beach view, reason is the frequent use of brake, lead to the brake temperature is exorbitant, brake oil spill, caused the occurrence of the accident, after the call the teacher asked carefully to avoid the problem later.

Loader brake

Summary, in a long journey or decline in the number of cases using the engine speed, air pressure is sufficient match pause type snub type, so the brake is not easy to high temperature, air pressure is sufficient, tried, emergency also can use don't shift the way... But this is the very.

2. The lifting driving

Also, a lot of drivers driving wheel loader ACTS as the role of a crane, long distance transport, even when we often put huge equipment lifting, due to their high arm crane, hoisting rope wobbled, and keep out line of sight, in the line of sight blind area is very big, can't see the road ahead, let alone through small areas, even if a commander, he also don't understand your driving situation, will inevitably cause the errors in the command, the driver can't respond correctly in a timely manner and cause unnecessary accidents.

Loader lifting operations

Summed up, the driver should cooperate when lifting equipment personnel short rope to hang, hang bottle more teeth to shorten the lifting distance, make the equipment lifting with the ground keep a safe distance, can also reduce the big arm, the lower the car's centre of gravity point balance the whole car state, to reduce the line of sight to blind area, when necessary, also can reverse thinking, reverse driving, let commander in their line of sight range, to improve the driving safety.

3. The high pile driving

Believe also has a lot of the drivers in the north, often in the stone factory, open the case of the mountain will meet a headache problem, now that is a mountain, mostly for attachment mountain road planning, upwards, mostly in the stone, is easy to collapse, easy to spin, is hard to push in addition to work, it's usually build a road wheel loader simply open up in a top-down way, stay back down the mountain when it needs refinement, meet can't afford to shovel the stone, he can appear a spin, etc., and large vehicles in hover on the edge of a cliff is not allowed in this case, is the so-called, is easier than setting up to the mountain.

Loader high pile driving

Summary, remove daily check the vehicle condition, performance, three oil monohydrate, then operate available side plate to reduce fixed wall slope in the road, not fierce refueling door, prevent the tire empty phenomenon, not on the direction, encounter difficult to remove the obstacles when available arm can reduce joint ground, bucket slightly tilted state, lower center of gravity, let bucket forming Angle with the ground slowly closed bucket to complete the assignments clearly.

4. Wade drive

When in battle, also hard to avoid can clean up the river in case of need engineering vehicles wading vehicle wading, wading depth of how many, wading when need to pay attention to? What DeKuang to drive safely, this is some problems, such as true in the car, the car can't stay in place near the river for a long time, large lifting equipment and can't reach, but at that time was really wash the neck, just waiting for the knife position to let human flesh aches. Check the DeKuang summary, wading, groove or TuSha river bed, the sludge bed.

Loader wading

Rocky river groove, are generally river, dig dug motionless, negligible, silt bed, TuSha bed is the most stressful, through the view DeKuang presence of bearing the weight of the vehicle, launching point, landing sites should have a plan, need back as far as possible don't follow the last furrow, pumping can stagger the rutting were used to prevent, as for wading depth, personal advice try not to drown the engine fan blade, plastic material, part of the loader submerged wreck a deformation easily, even bad water tank that thed loss outweights the gain.

5. Safety parking

A lot of people think what a normal parking may not, loader does not put coal tub on the ground of a stopped, but were not allowed to do so in a special environment, before one of my colleagues and me a piece of work, I open the position of 953, his Lancashire pioneers, to do things the way had been blocked by captain called to road, the road is already stopped by captain cart, because I am in front of him in the back, we parked the car in the cart in front, I although have a handbrake when parking the car, but I'm still in bucket to the ground, out of the car to see what he is and ordinary parking, ask him also pull hand brake, but the words sound just fell, the blazers slide, until top weight on my car to stop, to avoid the accident.

Reproduced machine parked

Summary, parking, to observe the surrounding environment, especially in digging, dig mountain type to a reduction of the working environment, the need to stop on the slope can be bucket on the ground, or the car will be placed horizontally in the midst of POE's 90 degree, work on the road, the degree of vehicle on the right side as far as possible, set aside the passage width of vehicles.

Forklift driver friends, get out the insufficient place still waiting for your add reply, learn from each other, growth experience, fewer accidents.

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