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The hydraulic oil brand is various, choose drivers hydraulic

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Abstract:Excavator hydraulic oil which is really good? How to choose the excavator hydraulic oil? Hydraulic system is an important part of a shovel, and the selection of hydraulic oil is a key issue. Hydraulic system fault are mostly caused by hydraulic oil pollut
Excavator hydraulic oil which is really good? How to choose the excavator hydraulic oil?

Hydraulic system is an important part of a shovel, and the selection of hydraulic oil is a key issue. Hydraulic system fault are mostly caused by hydraulic oil pollution and improper selection, the improper selection of hydraulic oil is an important aspect. Correctly choose the hydraulic oil, therefore, to improve the hydraulic equipment operation reliability and economy, extend the service life of systems and components, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and has important significance to prevent the accident.

1, the proper viscosity

Viscosity (viscosity) are engineering machinery hydraulic system is one of the main factors to consider. Viscosity is the oil flow performance index, said the size of the oil flow friction resistance between the molecules, the viscosity will increase the conveying pipeline resistance, energy loss in the process of work increases, the host no-load loss increase, high temperature, may appear on the main pump oil absorption end "holes" phenomenon; Mechanical parts of the viscosity is too small, cannot guarantee good lubrication condition, adding zero parts wear and tear, and the system leakage increase, cause the volumetric efficiency of the pump to drop. Hydraulic oil viscosity, therefore, should choose appropriate, refer to the manufacturers requirements. If used excavator working condition is special, such as high temperature, cold region, should consult the supplier, whether to adjust the viscosity of demand.

2, good viscosity-temperature characteristics

Label the same viscosity hydraulic oil is also a difference between! Viscosity-temperature property refers to the oil viscosity with temperature rise and the degree of change, usually expressed in viscosity index (VI). The greater the viscosity index, the work, the smaller of the extent of the oil viscosity changes with temperature, thus system internal leakage is not too large. Engineering machinery operating mode of the general is relatively poor, operation process, system changing with load and environmental temperature and oil temperature, so the viscosity index is not less than 90. In addition, good viscosity-temperature characteristic helps reduce the cold start problem. Viscosity index and has a lot to do with the grade of the base oil and some base oil without the use of additives itself high viscosity index. Join viscosity index improver can also improve oil viscosity-temperature characteristics, but the viscosity index improver could be cut under the condition of high shear molecules leads to failure.

3, good resistance to oxidation and thermal stability

General working temperature of hydraulic oil had better in 30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, because the hydraulic oil temperature is closely related to the life and work. When the oil temperature after more than 60 ℃, every 8 ℃, increase the service life of oil is cut in half. That is to say, the life of the oil at 90 ℃ was 60 ℃ the life span of about 10%, the reason is that high temperature oxidation. Under atmospheric pressure, contain a bit smaller than 0.1 liters per litre of air. In fact, oxygen is always present, it reacts and hydrocarbons in oil, the oil oxidation slowly, oil color black, its viscosity increased. The oxide no longer dissolve in oil, but with a brown mucous layer deposition somewhere in the system. This will cause the valve bonding, ball bearing valve core and hydraulic pump piston friction increase, at the same time, oxidizing acid corrosion caused damage to the hydraulic components. Began to slowly oxidation process, to a certain stage, oxidation rate rises abruptly, sudden high viscosity. The result is that working oil temperature rise, high oxidation process faster, when precipitation, high viscosity and the accumulation of acid oxidation accumulated to a certain limit, will cause fatal damage to the system. So that the whole machine form a lethal damage. General oil under the high temperature metamorphic ahead of time, wait until our original plan in accordance with the time when an oil change, it was too late.

Used under the high temperature of hydraulic oil for the hydraulic oil has good oxidation stability, type of base oil has an important influence.

4, good hydrolysis stability and demulsibility

Water is the enemy of the hydraulic oil, will promote the hydraulic oil metamorphism, bacterium (promoting oil deterioration), destroy the lubrication performance, weaken the performance of the additive, cause equipment corrosion and corrosion. Demulsibility good hydraulic oil, oil and water separation ability. Demulsibility standard test is ASTM D1401, experiment, oil and water amount of mixture, stir for 5 minutes, and then record of water and oil content to leave time, separation, the faster the better.

Hydrolytic stability good hydraulic oil when exposed to water performance is relatively stable, but not on behalf of the hydraulic oil is not afraid of water, in use, it is important to note that don't come into the water, the impurities in oil.

5, shear stability

To increase the viscosity index of the oil, the oil often join polymethacrylate, polyisobutylene, such as polymers, these substances molecular chain is longer, when through the hydraulic components of the slit, shearing action by large, often can make the molecular chain scission, make the oil viscosity decrease. Engineering machinery operation, frequent the reversing of the reversing valve, throttle of throttling element requires the hydraulic oil has the strong ability to resist shear.

6, good air release

Inhalation of air bubbles in the hydraulic system can cause cavitation, damage to the hydraulic components. Air bubbles in the oil by compression, the instantaneous temperature can be as high as several baidu, let hydraulic oil rapidly deteriorated.

7, and sealing materials, environmental compatibility

If not compatible, the hydraulic oil will make contact sealing components, such as swelling, softening and hardening cost sealing material sealing function. Hydraulic system due to leakage and seal failure, lead to the hydraulic oil flow out, if the hydraulic oil is incompatible with the environment, will damage to the environment.

8, corrosion resistance:

Whether can cause metal corrosion and corrosion.

9, good abrasion resistance and lubricity

Purpose is to reduce the mechanical friction, ensure the service life of the host.

10 and good flame resistance

The hydraulic oil should have a higher flash point, to prevent spontaneous combustion and fire. Should be used for fire protection, special flame resistant hydraulic oil.

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