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Construction machinery industry in the first half of those t

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Abstract:In the first half of 2009, Chinas construction machinery industry has two big hot concern, one is zoomlion, three first-class enterprise overseas strategy to further expand; The second is the mountain push important enterprises, mansion work such as the p
In the first half of 2009, China's construction machinery industry has two big hot concern, one is zoomlion, three first-class enterprise overseas strategy to further expand; The second is the mountain push important enterprises, mansion work such as the personnel change.

Temporary detachment of boring economic data, may be able to see the growth of industry on the other side.
Overseas strategy to accelerate the
On January 29, 2009, Chinese premier wen jiabao and German chancellor Angela merkel attended the sany group and Germany in the chancellery NRW government investment agreement signing ceremony. According to the agreement, the trinity is expected to invest some 100 million euros NRW of cologne in Germany construction of research and development center and machinery manufacturing base, this is by far the largest investment project in Europe. There are media reports that premier wen was said happily: "this is a big project!"
There is no denying the fact that this for trinity and even the Chinese construction machinery industry as a whole, is a big deal. In a sense, in a sign of China's construction machinery enterprises in "going out" strategy, the more strides.
When it comes to sany, zoomlion will have to say. In changsha, the two companies, often staged "Derby". Before is part of the media described as "low-key even shy" zoomlion, after nearly three years a series of big mergers and acquisitions also seems to be no longer a low profile. Especially the method of acquisition of the Italian game company become the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer, zoomlion to fame. Some evaluation of it is the most good at, and also the most daring to mergers and acquisitions of Chinese engineering machinery enterprises, the acquisition of the method can match was a classic case of lenovo's purchase of IBM; Others still questioned the timing of acquisition and price.
On May 28, Brisbane, Australia, zoomlion Australia branch with the local agent on the financing lease contract signing ceremony held, says Mr Zhan, chairman of zoomlion, Australia is only part of its global goal, they use standard Australian overseas marketing basic forming, the purpose of full implementation of financing lease in our country will also be implemented in its overseas strategy promotion. For the Chinese construction machinery industry, zoomlion which created the overseas financing lease. After April 21, zoomlion throws refinancing plan nearly 5.6 billion yuan, of which 1.5 billion yuan was used for both at home and abroad continue to follow up the financing lease business, vanda is very high now.
Another big thing in his heavy industry. Although it is not the pure construction machinery enterprises, but according to the company's web site, tengzhong construction machinery business, engineering vehicles, etc., the author's "sensitive" to be included in the paper. In fact, all because of tengzhong did a "great" event -- for hummer. Because of this, the private enterprise is located in China's sichuan province was unknown, a household name overnight.
Although the end result of the event is still not determined, although domestic questioned tengzhong's upsurge, but according to the company's web site on June 3, 2009, according to latest news "sichuan tengzhong heavy industrial machinery co., LTD., and general motors is an agreement between foreign confirmation details. Under the terms of the deal, tengzhong will shall have the right to use the hummer brand and acquire the key senior management and operation team. Tengzhong will inherit the hummer distribution network related current distributor agreement." Interestingly, in the midst of this message, tengzhong has self-proclaimed "" China's large industrial machinery group, to be proud.
Undercurrent in the domestic market
Three major enterprises at the beginning of the end, a bulldozer as a major personnel change. Hill pushed Jiang Kui transferring, tian jian Liu Shaohong resigned, XuanGong Zhou Zhisheng easily, at that time, this a series of coincidences indeed unexpected and intriguing. Former hill pushed engineering machinery co., LTD., deputy general manager Jiang Kui, the original tianjin construction machinery factory factory director Liu Shaohong, the original Zhou Zhisheng, hebei xuanhua construction machinery co., LTD. General manager as the mid - 1960 - a stranger (Jiang Kui with Zhou Zhisheng was born in 1964), is the university after graduation is allocated to office before the changes in the enterprise, and step by step up, and they company with key manufacturing enterprises for bulldozer, almost three cent world bulldozers market in China.
Now look at the wave of change, in fact, by coincidence, and now bulldozers industry has not yet significant change. But the transferring Jiang Kui eventually confirmed on several enterprises in shandong province at that time will jointly restructuring rumors. It also raises the following events.
June 18, was unveiled in jinan shandong heavy industry group co., LTD. Weichai power holding group chairman Tan Xuguang shandong heavy industry chairman, party secretary, Jiang Kui as general manager. According to Tan Xuguang, shandong heavy industry group is in accordance with the company law and related laws and regulations, by weichai holding group co., LTD., shandong engineering machinery group co., LTD and shandong automobile group co., LTD. All three companies of state-owned property rights, and transportation industries group corporation held in shandong province shandong DE machinery co., LTD., state-owned shares, transfer a wholly state-owned company. This and speculation in the industry before the situation of "three group, a holding company governs the" basic agreement, and will form the weichai holding group in power to become a leading core, collaborative engineering machinery and automobile engine downstream business common development situation.
A recent work personnel changes from xiamen. On June 23, mansion shares a paper announcement, according to the company's business development needs, the company's board of directors appointed Cai Kuiquan as company President, ms Chen ling who is no longer the company President.
Cai Kuiquan, 59, Korea nationality, bachelor of science, graduated from Seoul national university vehicle engineering. 1976 daewoo heavy industries co., LTD, the former daewoo group Tokyo club, export department, overseas market development and sales and other department heads. In December 1999 ~ October 2005 yantai Ren Dayu heavy industry co., LTD., general manager, in October 2005 to June 2006 ren terex China co., LTD., President, in November 2006 to June 2009 shandong best knight as a machinery co., LTD., chairman, on November 29, 2002, was awarded medal of copper tower industry by South Korea's President. It is reported that Cai Kuiquan took office, with no less than 1 million yuan annual salary and vowed to rate mansion regain industry first. This action is also part of the personage inside course of study as a innovation of the old state-owned enterprises.
There is one thing worth recording. After nearly a year of preparation, xugong technology on June 25 received the China securities regulatory commission approval, the approval of the xugong group construction machinery co., LTD issued more than 320 million shares to buy assets. Xugong group commitment at the same time, the future will continue to inject unlisted assets. Because of xugong nearly two years of underperformance of science and technology, the overall strength of the group not to feature in the securities market. And the independent whole appears on the market, after the restructuring of xugong technology in terms of the stock, or will be a "reborn" change. Reporters noted that the news after several days, xugong tech stocks rise continuously.

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