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The Cat ® 980 h wheel loader (carter) : port artifact

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Abstract:Wang ning, vice managers visit to the Newport ore flow machine As early as in 1991, coal loading and unloading port of yinkou company (now renamed as: yingkou port ore terminal co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as: xingang ore) bought two Cat 966 e loade
Wang ning, vice manager's visit to the Newport ore flow machine
As early as in 1991, coal loading and unloading port of yinkou company (now renamed as: yingkou port ore terminal co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as: xingang ore) bought two Cat 966 e loader. When wang ning at young age. Today, although the two Cat loader are deployed to the brothers, still fighting at the dock on the line, but Wang Ningze walked hand in hand to generations of Cat loader today...
24 years ago I met the Cat
Have a Pentecostal wang ning now is xingang ore flow machine department, deputy director of the so-called mobile machinery, refers to the ores from overseas as well as other domestic ports to ship a clearance, belong to the crib, loading and unloading operations such as loaders, excavators, forklifts and other construction machinery. In flow machine work for nearly 30 years, wang ning recalled at the beginning of 1991 time when contact with Cat 966 e loader also vividly: he and the workers the most intuitive feelings on your Cat 966 e loader is: advanced. They had never seen with computer control of loader, have never seen a loader cab equipped with air-conditioner...
Officially after use, their understanding of Cat 966 e loader has further increased, and compared with other brand equipment level, big Cat 966 e loader drive, low failure rate, as long as the normal maintenance work correctly, the Cat 966 e loader will not fail, do not need to repair.
To count the Cat
Restructuring in 2003 established a three company, began operating ore will increase. In 2011 set up joint venture with anshan Newport ore. A series of changes including to update and add on the equipment. Therefore, wang ning to follow company leaders made a special trip to Qingdao port and tianjin port, for the port clearance equipment types, performance and operation combined with their own conditions for rigorous analysis. In the end, they according to the investigation of valuable experience, coupled with the previous decade in Cat loader trust, procurement 8 when Caterpillar (Cat) is the most advanced loader - Cat 980 g2 loader.
Wang ning introduces, at present, the using time of 8 Cat 980 g2 loader are more than 30000 hours, average work 10 hours a day, the task is tight, even 24 hours operation, work efficiency is very good. Although the port dust is bigger, but the Cat 980 g2 loader has a good sealing effect, machinist job for a long time also not affected by dust; Tank cleaning operations, the loader to the cabin, inside the cabin and wet, hot in summer, and the Cat 980 g2 loader equipped with air conditioning good cooling effect, improved the machinist comfort; Be worth what carry is, because of the need to clean up, loading and unloading of the mineral powder density, weight heavy, loader needs to have good dynamic performance, some of the aspects in general are often not a filled a bucket of loader, may need to perform multiple actions, and the Cat's breathtaking 980 g2 loader power, each bucket is a complete, full, greatly improving the work efficiency.
The Cat 980 h: a new generation of port artifact
In 2009, with the improvement of xingang ore throughput, flow machine department approved by the superiors, bought eight sets of Cat loader. As the caterpillar technology updates, Newport ore, advancing with The Times, 8 sets of loader is the latest model of Cat 980 h wheel loader.
Cat 980 h wheel loader are built on the basis of the classic 980 platform. Many designs for the Cat 980 g series Ⅱ and previous models and through the test of the system is still in the Cat 980 h wheel loader is able to use. Planetary power shift gearbox, cab, independent cooling system, integral brake system, free wheel stator torque converter and the frame... All of which contributed to the Cat 980 h wheel loader proven reliability. And the Cat ACERT technology Cat C9 ACERT engine can be in at the same time, to reduce emissions to maintain good engine performance, efficiency and durability. In addition, the Cat 980 h wheel loader added some unique functions in maintenance, can provide excellent maintenance convenience.
And flow machine department staff care about most or Cat 980 h wheel loader working efficiency. As a device manager, wang ning have repeatedly been on work efficiency is calculated. Compared with other brands the same level of loader, same tractor driver operation, when working to buttress the Cat 980 h wheel loader average per hour can be finished ore 1000 tons, more than any other brand loader about 100 tons; When loading operation, the Cat 980 h wheel loader per hour can be finished loading section 5 load is 60 tons of cars, more than any other brand loader nearly 1/2 carriages, about 20 tons. Fuel consumption, fuel consumption per hour about Cat 980 h loader for 25 to 28 litres, wang ning said very satisfied.
The reliability of the equipment is important for port enterprises. Loader clearance operations inside the cabin, once appear, fault, light delay ship loading and unloading operation, serious when must allocate ship unloader will loader crane out of the cabin for repair, this process less said it takes 40 minutes, the direct impact is less discharge 2000 tons of cargo. If the delay time is too long, can affect the ship on time, or, the effect of follow-up and incalculable loss. And the reliability of Cat 980 h wheel loader let wang ning is very at ease, low failure rate to ensure the normal production.
In 2012, the continuous development of xingang ore in order to enhance strength, again to buy 6 sets by caterpillar (suzhou) co., LTD production of Cat 980 h wheel loader. Wang ning, as Newport ore purchases made in China for the first time a group of Cat equipment, the Cat 6 sets 980 h wheel loader in performance, reliability, and before the import equipment without any difference.
There are difficulties, looking for after sales
Agent for Cat west (Beijing) machinery equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: west China) after-sales service, gave a high evaluation wang ning: "as long as we have difficulties, a phone call past, west China's service personnel will be rushed to the scene at the first time." He recalls one memorable events: one day in 2015, one has already out of Cat 980 h wheel loader fails, Newport ore equipment maintenance personnel to components will be removed, when reinstalling but unable to find out the installation sequence and cause can't install, but under had to go to west China. West China staff received a phone call after the word, for the first time arrived at the scene, free for machinery installation, commissioning, and training the maintenance technicians on site.
With caterpillar grow together more than 20 years, wang ning deeply understand to outstanding performance and excellent reliability of Cat equipment. In caterpillar into the 40th anniversary of the China, wang ning to caterpillar visceral expressed their sincere feelings: "I wish the caterpillar produces more advanced, more high-tech products, continue to contribute to the development of China's ports, in the future, we will continue to further cooperation with caterpillar, into the development of new target!

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