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Used in the future market development trend

Creation:HOORAY Source:Hooray Machinery Release Time:2016-11-14 19:58

Abstract:In engineering machinery market, because the cause of the capital, and based on the consideration to the brand, used is a problem concerned by many users, and engineering machinery market in China, used the development momentum is very fierce, but less is
In engineering machinery market, because the cause of the capital, and based on the consideration to the brand, used is a problem concerned by many users, and engineering machinery market in China, used the development momentum is very fierce, but less is not very standardized, aiming at the problems now used market real engineering machinery network invited to a job in a foreign brand cycle division veteran official's son liu (pen name), to the used market are analyzed and interpreted.
Real engineering machinery network (hereinafter referred to as "real") : how do you think now used market?
Liu: domestic engineering machinery moves from a wave has been gradually return to rational, from this year sales of construction machinery is a process of gradually decreasing, market after the development over a period of time, used is bound to become a great power in the market. Domestic market is now used many are also in a state of development is not mature. Brands is very valued this piece of cake, full of potential but because used market is an emerging thing, in national policy and the construction machinery industry, there is no developed perfect rules and regulations to formulate the rules of the market, the resulting now used the blindness and confusion of market.
Armor: this kind of blindness and confusion in what?
Liu: from the user, a lot of people who want to buy or sell used phones don't know how to do it. What is the value used phones? The value of used phones is how to evaluate? Where to buy or sell the machine will be more guaranteed? These users are confused. , for example, there are some manufacturers to old change new activities, A want to sell their used and then buy A new machine, at that time there will be A B agents to evaluate machine and hope will sell his machine, but A lot of CheFanZi might take in and CheFanZi C will with A more attractive way of cash, so even in the same price, A is likely to sell machine to CheFanZi C, so the manufacturer's "cash-for-clunkers" activity this time just happened to meet the challenge, to old change new can adapt to the market? In such a chaos on the market, the agent a way out? The user who to believe? And for these pervasive CheFanZi how to regulate them? These are the problems needed to resolve.
Real: many users will care about used to assess, how can the domestic norm used evaluation system?
Liu: because domestic now did not explicitly used in the evaluation of the policies and regulations of this problem, and users are very concerned about the used evaluation rules in domestic does not have a perfect evaluation system, under the promotion of the market, many enterprises has established evaluation criteria of used similar to carter, komatsu, Hitachi, trinity, but used throughout industry now no unified assessment rules, the criteria for the assessment of this line of the industry is not a company can decide, they can only assess their products, rules are limited to use in his company, unified assessment of other products, can't do. And a fair assessment of authoritative body also is urgently needed on the market, to introduce the rules need to be more authoritative department, the evaluation standards need to strictly.
Armor: agents used in the future how to locate on the market?
Liu: used business is tempting cake, but there is a big test for the agent. To old change new business, or directly used transactions demand for money is a big, for agents on capital accumulation is a test. But the agent has good sales channels, has the strong ability of after-sales service, it is extremely useful for development used the market, but due to funding problems at this stage a lot of agents to used as well, how to play the positive role of agents in the market, is also used in the future need to focus on is noticed. For agents, used for the development of the tempting cake how cent? How to occupy the favorable market, actively and steadily promote the business of selling used phones. According to the rules of the development of the market, the agent will become very important in the construction machinery market, give play to the role of good agent chain, a common standard market rules.
Real: used market the development trend of the future?
Liu: how to win the trust of users in the market, create a specification used market? The responsibility of each brand is very heavy. Used around the world are now in development, China is the market for used to mature gradually, now have brands agent used on the market, there are also some personal, specializes in second-hand trading market is a big market, but the normative enough, many users when buying used to all can not find the right channel to buy their trust good machine, a lot of good used resources to individuals or agents cannot and users in need docking, it is used the problems existing in the market now. Now China construction machinery used in the fast-growing market disadvantages at the same time also in gradually. Hope in the future, engineering machinery all brands can form a very fair "United Nations", in the case of policies, regulations and system support, used unified planning, to establish a real, so, transparent rules and regulations, and the primary premise of the standard body is recognised by the vast majority of users, and only get users recognition and praise highly, standardized system can go further.
Postscript: the road to the specification of the used market, is still a lot of manufacturers, agents have begun the beneficial exploration on this issue. As a foundation for domestic construction machinery industry's most user interactive network media, real engineering machinery network BBS secondhand plate is already known industry exchange platform, daily inquiry and the sales net friend is active, it is enough to confirm the amount of the currently used is considerable. On July 13, caterpillar used officially land real engineering machinery network platform, system of the manufacturer's specifications for the first time on network platform, and is expected to be gradually extended to the folk. We believe in the regulation of market mechanism, the buyer and the seller, and industry network platform, under the joint efforts of used construction machinery market will be more and more to the specification.

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