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The Cat "edge" and Cat950GC loader use feeling

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Abstract:Shaoguan is located in the north of guangdong province, is the guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to the hunan-kiangsi border area distributing center, radiation inland hinterland golden channel, at the same time, is the national planning and development leve
Shaoguan is located in the north of guangdong province, is the guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to the hunan-kiangsi border area distributing center, radiation inland hinterland "golden channel", at the same time, is the national planning and development level of railway hub and road transportation hub city. In recent years, high-speed rail and highway construction, strains and his raf industrial co., LTD., is to seize the opportunity, made today's brilliant.

From the excavator know the Cat

Once every plant and stone become attached to, or in 1999, when he is less than 30 years old, with less than 100000 yuan of money, seize the development of roads, Bridges, high-speed boldly dry up. Only 10 people, when the newly established company stone mining by hand, the output of a day is only two cars. By 2000 the raf industry to participate in the beijing-zhuhai expressway construction, in order to meet the rapidly increasing demand, and to take into account the limited funds, which every plant has bought several domestic second-hand loaders and excavators, opens the maple bay is located in the town of stone field mechanization production, business is rapidly expanding.

Maple bay stone business promotion, once every plant decided to buy new equipment, summarizes the experience from the production, he also know more about for excavators, loaders. In 2008, maple bay stone buy 1 Cat 320 d excavator, this equipment is still active in the stone production line; 2009, 2010 a year to buy 1 Cat 329 d excavator; In 2012 and bought one Cat 320 DGC excavator, 2014 1 Cat 349 d excavator. 5 digger is full of Cat products, they have been arranged at the top of the mountain zone, some responsible for loading.

Quarries in maple bay, excavator working 12 hours a day, sometimes even up to 20 hours, remove the shaoguan area two months of the rainy season every year, every year the excavator working hours of 4000-5000 hours. Once every plant said, before also used other brands of excavators, but after using Cat excavator, by their high reliability and excellent performance impressed, is replacing the brand again. At present, maple bay stone field has been developed has more than 50 large quarry, with an annual output of 800000 cubic meters of stone, annual output value of more than 6000 6000 yuan.

Love me, love my dog

With the expansion of the scale, once all strains to own enterprise puts forward strict requirements itself, to that end, he successively passed the relevant departments of the inspection, to deal with the mining license, safety production license, pollutant discharge permit and other relevant qualifications. At the same time, in the aspect of mechanical equipment are continuously strengthen, in September 2014, after many discussions, in combination with the reliance of Cat equipment, maple bay stone - the one-time purchase two Cat950GC loader loader is Caterpillar (Cat) by China and the United States research and development team, product market experts, bend force for China to build the first Chinese users based on the actual needs of research and development of the loader.

Cat 950 GC wheel loader is easy to operate, low fuel consumption, superior performance, and holding and low operating costs, not only low operating costs, and combines the traditional Cat durability, reliability and economy, make sure that in many of the 5 t loader applications provide first-class production capacity. This machine has an impressive array of features: strengthen the frame, the Cat Z connecting rod, high-performance series bucket, fuel-efficient engines of Cat C7.1, load sensitive hydraulic system, with intuitive spacious cab air conditioning control device, and the Cat unparalleled support global agents.

Cat 950 GC is very suitable for stacking, truck loading, materials handling, hopper, loading and shipment can be used in many engineering construction, such as quarry, sand or gravel pit, mining operations, storage field, concrete and LiQingChang, and construction project work site preparation, backfill, pipeline processing and site cleanup.

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