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The diesel engine dirt removal method and selection

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Abstract:Diesel engine work after a period of time, in the combustion chamber, inlet and exhaust door, into the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe produced by incomplete combustion carbon deposit; Some parts surface will be storing up due to the oil and oil and gas
Diesel engine work after a period of time, in the combustion chamber, inlet and exhaust door, into the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe produced by incomplete combustion carbon deposit; Some parts surface will be storing up due to the oil and oil and gas evaporation a layer of oil; For water-cooled diesel engine, the cooling water will condense into a certain thickness of scale in the cavity. These wastes too much, will make the diesel engine performance, fuel consumption increase, high temperature, normal damage part fit clearance, accelerate the parts wear and corrosion, and even cause some faults, so must to keep clear of dirt. In addition, when diesel machine maintenance repair, must also be to remove carbon deposit, oil dirties, and scale, in order to reduce diesel engine failure rate, prolong service life, keep the good working condition.

1 diesel engine dirt removal method

1.1 mechanical removal
With steel brush, sandpaper, or containing abrasive nylon roller surface metal by erasing parts to clear the purpose, the application of common use method.

1.2 solvent wipe
Dip in with absorbent material in the solvent to wipe, commonly used solvents have oil and chlorinated solvents. Many solvents are flammable, easy to bring up the fire, so should choose non flammable solvents. In addition, should be clear after removal of the kinds of metal materials, to keep the removed parts from corrosion

1.3 the emulsion
Emulsion to remove is the use of suspended organic solvent in the water. Effectively remove grease and other contaminants, and will leave a thin layer on the metal surface rust-proof membrane. Due to this QingChuFa use solvent, so there is a risk of fire, the processing of waste solvent should be careful Caveat emptor.

1.4 half the water clear
Half water clear there are two main ways: one is the emulsion to clear; Another kind is to use solvents to wipe, and then rinsed in water. Commonly used solvents have terpene, esters and hydrocarbon all things.

1.5 alkaline cleaning
(caustic alkali metal salt, silicate and carbonate) and click right than is mixed surfactant mixed together, removing dirt content of metal is very effective, with hot water dissolves into the dirty parts, generally can remove most of the dirt on metal surface, its cost is low, most is the right way to batch automatic clearing.

1.6 acid pickling
Often use inorganic acid, organic acid is also available. Through adding wetting agent in acid aqueous solution, can achieve the purpose of rust removal and to scale.
1.7 vapor degreasing
Vapor degreasing with chlorinated solvents or freon, only used for oil removal. Its main advantage is to achieve the oil removal and the effects of drying step, no need to rinse and dry processing, which can realize automation. But the high cost, and escape the solvent is seriously affect people's health and damage the ozone layer with material.

Reasonable choice of 2 removal method
In the course of contamination removal of diesel engine parts, generally is not limited to a certain way, but a comprehensive methods. Therefore, in use process, should pay attention to the reasonable choice of these methods.

2.1 the removal of the carbon deposit
Carbon deposit usually adopt mechanical QingChuFa, namely according to the shape of the surface of the parts of the material and parts, and quality requirements, choose different tools, commonly used tools have shovel knife, scraper, brass wire brush, copper and aluminum sheet metal, sand paper and so on. To the smooth surface such as aluminum copper alloy parts, shall not leave scratches, should be paid attention to when clearing for scratches will make it easier for carbon deposit adhesion junction.

2.2 grease removal

(1) solvent wipe. Using solvent usually have light diesel oil, kerosene lamp kerosene with kerosene, solvent, catharsis, industrial gas wash polyester gasoline and air. Diesel is used to remove the general parts, cleared soon parts will not rust. But diesel evaporates slower, should be as soon as possible after clearing with compressed air to blow dry, to prevent the dust pollution in the air; Kerosene and industrial gas is used to remove the precision parts; Air washing gasoline steaming hair sex is strong, only used for removal of special precision parts.

Solvent wipe the convenient operation, high precision, but not the economy, it must have a fire prevention measures.

(2) chemical QingChuFa. Metal parts with chemical QingChuFa clear steps are:
A. choose appropriate formula of cleaning fluid.
B. cleaning fluid heating to 70 ~ 90 ℃;
C. the parts put in wash boil 10 ~ 15 minutes, supplemented by hair brush except;
D. Rinse;
E. use compressed air to blow dry.
Rubber, leather and other parts (such as cup, aprons, etc.) should use alcohol to clean, can not clean with alkaline solution, otherwise, the rubber pieces of swell deterioration failure.

2.3 scale removal

Scale exposed to parts surface, usually to remove by hand; When manually remove inconvenience, can use chemical removal, the method is: will be cleared one in alkaline solution (10-15% of sodium hydroxide solution) or acid solution (4) ~ 6% hydrochloric acid solution, heating to 60 ~ 70 ℃, 2 ~ 3 hours, soak scale can decompose, and then rinse with clear water.

3 removal method of comprehensive application, for example

3.1 dirt removal tank
(1) purge. Namely retained part of the diesel fuel in the tank, and then will be 19.6 ~ 29.4 KPa with plastic tubing through compressed air into the tank bottom, make diesel churning and cleaning, and changing the position and direction of the bottom of the trachea to the whole tank cleaning. Purge immediately after put out the fuel tank of diesel, allow the suspended impurities in the oil to diesel oil outflow. Such as the flow of diesel is dirty, use method to clean again, until the release of oil contains no impurities.
(2) steam method. Put diesel, remove the fuel tank, and then to diesel filling most of the cases of water contents, use steam conduit from filler into the water, diesel in boiling water for 1 hour or so. So stick in the wall in the cabinet of colloid and residual diesel oil molecules can be dissolved in water. Light quality of dirt was floating on the surface of the water and washed away. This two consecutive times, diesel fuel tank can be rinsed clean.
(3) the solvent method. Clean diesel oil tank with hot water, then use compressed air to blow dry, to clear its internal diesel vapor, and then put diesel oil tank in aqueous solution containing 10% sodium hydroxide in baptism. After baptism with water flushing tank internal and external. If discover to there is rust corrosion, external use wire brush to brush clean.

3.2 cooling system of contamination removal
The injection of 15% sodium hydroxide solution system, 8 ~ 12 hours after operation, the diesel engine to water temperature rise to 80 ~ 90 ℃ when parking, immediately release lotion, in case you are suspended in the solution scale deposits blocking waterways, and then clean with clear water system, until clean.
If the diesel engine cylinder cover for the aluminum alloy structure, according to 50 g sodium silicate, liquid soap, 20 g, add water mixture clear liquid, the ratio of 10 kg to join in the cooling system, working in the diesel engine temperature running 1 hour or so, and then release lotion, then use clean water.

Main methods of removal of diesel engine parts and components of sewage and the types of parts, materials, size and quantity, automatic clearance requirements and to the overall effect and so on after the operation.

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