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Teach you how to choose and buy secondhand small excavators

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Abstract:The appearance of small excavators and job situation is very similar with other general type excavator, when the user want to buy a second-hand machine, must be measured in many ways, avoid being, to introduce the following, hope to help. What are the mos

The appearance of small excavators and job situation is very similar with other general type excavator, when the user want to buy a second-hand machine, must be measured in many ways, avoid being, to introduce the following, hope to help.

What are the most important performance

Small excavator first appeared in the mid - 80 - s, and now the equipment has many old models do not have the characteristics of which users need to know in advance what I want to buy the machine functions and components.

Hydraulic servo control rod is better than old-fashioned lever, bulldozing plate sometimes is not a standard configuration; , of course, the user may want to find a belt articulated movable arm device, so easy to close to the building and operation of auxiliary pipeline; Zero tail swing to need to work in a tight environment, build it seems particularly important.

About the bucket and movable arm

Excavator is not always as a kind of mining machinery, builders use them sometimes to pile or they can be used to lay pipelines. Therefore, the user needs to pay attention to the bucket, ensure piling, broken and walking device if you have any questions.

There is an important part of bucket hydraulic cylinder connecting pin shaft and bushing, be sure to inspection on the elastic in these places. A lot of problems are due to neglect and check.

When the user to start the machine after the mobile bucket, the bucket rod and arm, he would have possibly seen the pin or the movement of the oil cylinder, but the bucket rod and bucket, this is because the pin shaft and bushing part came loose.

Another key part of the arm connected to the excavator after check carefully, if after the arm at the bottom of the connection excessive wear and tear, and the value of the whole device could lead to a loss.

The oil means that could be the oil pollution

Check the hydraulic oil cylinder and the tubing is very important. Hydraulic oil cylinder is the best situation no scratches, dents, or chrome plated surface traces of the spill. If you have hydraulic oil leakage, may be dust has polluted the hydraulic system.

Also want to confirm that the cylinder wall are not damaged or a dent. The gaps between the cylinder and the cylinder wall is small, as long as there is a sundry, the pipe will cause in the operation of the oil cylinder in due to wear and produce a large number of scrap metal, and remain in the hydraulic system.

Wary of car body welding

Take a closer look at excavators have crack and traces of welding, when the original make these things of the machines have been used by excessive.

There is also a good method, is to use a straight on the arm and the position of the arm after, to see if there is any mismatch or distorted.

It is important to pay special attention to the extra plate repair. Second-hand machine there may be some scratches and dents, but if there are too many patch on the machine may mean when this equipment has been used for a long time.

Rubber tracks and chassis

The rubber tracks on the small excavator with large machine steel tracks, it applies in the grass and the driveway. When many users don't like check steel tracks, close to check the wear of rubber tracks.

Only to see wear rubber tracks, and did not see a lot of wear and tear on the sprocket wheel and the wheel, can check the abrasion of the cracks on the rubber tracks and edge to estimate its usage, like watching tires note tire grain.

Because of the different use and soil conditions, the working life of the rubber tracks are also have very big difference. In general, it lived to an average of about 2000 hours. But if in a environment with rocks or easy to wear, then life will be halved; Conversely, work in a good environment life will double.

When users check the crawler and chassis, don't forget to check the oil level and driving cleanliness. This part is easily neglected, and often very little oil left. If oil is already very low, and there is water or other things into, that can produce bigger trouble.

Driving operation inspection

After engine preheating start-up, tilt the machine just stand on one side of the track, rotation on both sides of the track in order to stand up. Note in 30 seconds or 60 seconds can be completed how many times this action, and then were compared with the other tracks.

Excavator crawler walking device is a built-in flow meter, if they don't have the same flow rate, there is a problem. The other is a way of testing on flat ground driving excavator operation 10 meters, if running is linear, the walk on both sides of the device is known as good operation condition.

Also check the slewing gear ring and rotary bearings. Under normal circumstances, the upper can be a smooth start turning and can stop accurately, with less or no deviation. For small excavator, the rotary gear ring and slewing bearing should be the same as machine has long life, so any questions about this part have to pay attention to.

Engine cover

Open the engine cover and check for signs of smoke exhaust pipes. Can pull out the oil dipstick and see if any smoke. Smoking too much often need to replace the piston ring, and may before long will overhaul engine.

Check the air filter unit and all the pipe and the pipe clamp. As long as a little dust is enough to destroy the whole engine. Pay attention to the terminal accumulation of dust or dirt, also want to check the fan is to ensure that the belt when tight state, check the radiator make sure its clean, ignore the cooling system and air intake system is likely to cause the engine overheating, so as to shorten the life of the machine.

Basic inspection include check radiator fluid and engine oil, and check the degree of corrosion of the battery, and view have obvious leakage around the engine.

Minicomputer is widely used in the special environment, such as buried line, pipe laying, trenching work and so on, they use a relatively short time every year. Leasing companies, however, the use of small excavators annual rent for a long time, the life of the machine that will be shorter.

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